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Blue Worry Bag


A beautifully handcrafted Worry Bag made with love and magical powers!


  • Blue Worry Bag
  • 4 colour ink pen
  • 200 page Worrypad
  • Beautifully illustrated book: Jacob and His Worry Bag
  • Written instructions for the adults

Bag size 28 x 25 x 10 cm

A blue bag, covered in NightLights for ultimate protection and maximum zapping power.  Made in England with love and care, this bag is made from 300 gsm cotton fabric with a thick lining making it soft and flexible for security and cuddles but substantially strong enough to imprison the baddies placed within.  Developed with your little one in mind, every detail has been designed and redesigned to produce what we consider to be the best Worry Bag on the market.

How can it work?

The Worry Bag gives your child control over their baddies, rather than the baddies having control over them! They are in control. How scary must it be to have bad thoughts coming into your mind, growing night by night and not being able to do anything about it? By being able to manage their fears, the fears pose less of a threat. For your child, The Worry Bag is a secure place to lock up their baddies, and the NightLights zap them whilst your child is asleep! And by following the process time and time again, the fears diminish!

 Designed with your little one in mind

Every aspect has been designed to benefit and engage your child. From the design of the bag, the feel, the features. To the notepad, the pen and the storybook. The bag feels substantial to ensure the baddies are kept inside and cannot escape.


The bag comes complete with a beautifully illustrated storybook that tells the story of a little boy who had worries and bad dreams, and how he used his bag to control and ultimately banish the baddies from his thoughts.


A WorryBag has magic powers! A team of superheroes called The NightLights fight the baddies whilst the little one is asleep. Each NightLight has different baddie zapping powers.

 Who are the Baddies?

Monsters under the bed, witches in the wardrobe, ogres coming down the chimney, visits to hospital, parents being poorly, tests at school, moving house, going on holiday, having a new brother or sister. Children’s imaginations are endless and seemingly random. But they can become overwhelming and distressing with no obvious way to control them.


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