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What Is A Worry Bag?

What Is A Worry Bag?


It’s actually a whole process rather than just a bag, designed to help your little one have less worries or bad dreams and ultimately give them (and you) a better night’s sleep. So how does it work? A child has little or no control on the environment around them. They lack the understanding that we as adults have to be able to reason, for instance, we know a shadow is just a shadow, they don’t and consequently a shadow becomes a monster. They have no control over this thought and no way to suppress it so it becomes a bigger and bigger worry. The Worry Bag enables them to take control of the thoughts instead of the thoughts controlling them.



The NightLights Worry Bag is a good quality, specially designed MAGIC bag with powers to zap the baddies to make them go away. It comes with a beautiful NightLights storybook to teach your little one how to use their bag, a notepad (with loads of pages to write down lots of baddies!) and a pen, plus full, easy to follow instructions for you on how to help your child through the process.

The Worry Bag is made of specially designed NightLights’ thick cotton fabric with characters placed strategically to zap the baddies when they are placed inside the bag. Every part of the bag has been painstakingly designed with your child in mind. It is soft and cuddly, yet feels thick and robust (to keep the baddies in). With a flexible board that is firm enough to write on whilst in the safety of their bed, under the covers with their toes tucked in (so the baddies can’t get them), yet it’s soft enough to fall asleep on and it won’t hurt them. A zipped inside pocket (the Baddie Lock-Up) seals their worries in, and a zip across the bag double-seals in the baddies so their Worry Bag can stay by their bed for use all night through without the risk of baddies escaping. And of course the Night Lights fight the baddies whilst the child sleeps 😉

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