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Member of the NightLights

Hey you! Good to meet you. I’m Xander. I’m meaty, and muscular, I work out every day and am strong, strong, strong!! In fact, I have super-human strength. My body is a mean fighting machine, tuned to perfection and ready for action at any time.

My favourite animal is the Siberian Tiger. They are sleek and quick, but the power in their muscles is A-MA-ZING! Have you ever seen them chase their prey? Wow man, they are soooooo cool!

Now, it has been said that I am something of a gadget man, but I don’t agree. I would say that I am actually more of a gadget FREAK! If it has a microprocessor on board, I’ve got it! I’m pretty good at building my own toys, just like the ones I use for fighting my foes. A crystalaser fits in the palm of my hand, a holowatch to size up my enemy and a whole arsenal of other gadgets to dip into.

I can’t wait to get back to my workshop to work on my next invention. Bye for now and see you soon.