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Princess Keira

Member of the NightLights

Hello, I’m Princess Keira. I am the most girlie of the NightLights but don’t let that fool you into thinking I’m soft on baddies. Anything pink works for me! I luuvvvv pink, but my favourite colour is gold, as no girl can have enough gold!! I am the NightLight who brings a bit of finesse to the group. I’m always happy, nothing gets me down, and I can be very cheeky, always making my friends laugh. I have loads of energy and resting just isn’t an option. I’m always thinking about new ways to use my magic powers on my foes. I have a very special job you know? I look after children and zap their baddies. I take it very seriously indeed as when a child needs my help to defeat the baddies who are troubling them, it’s very important that I do my absolute best.

My special powers? Yes, let me tell you about them. I have balls of light which are 100 times brighter than the brightest star. I can make loads of these and I use them in different ways. I throw them at the baddies and the first ones stun them with the intensity of the light, they can’t move for a few moments, just long enough for the second barrage to come. The second stream stuns their brain function, making it difficult for them to think straight and giving us the advantage. ZAP, POW, WHAM, I go at them. Ha! My lights are also great for lighting up the night which makes it impossible to hide from us.

Do you think my hair is beautiful? Yes? So do I. Can you see these little lights at the ends of my ponytail? POW! Did you see that? My hair is my other special power. Every strand is a fire-optic baddie zapping fibre which shoot shafts of power zapping current at my enemies, leaving them deflated and powerless. Have you ever seen a balloon go down? Well that’s what it feels like to be a baddie at the wrong end of my ponytail!

Bye for now, and don’t worry about a thing, I’m here to help you.


Princess Keira