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Member of the Nightlights

Howdy-doody! I’m James. When I became a NightLight they wanted to give me all sorts of super-hero names, but I’m a simple type of super-hero and I like to keep things simple, so I’m just James. I’m a spritely fella, quick off the mark, I can skyrocket higher than the others and I’m super speedy at ground level too.

My favourite food is juicy red tomatoes; I could eat them all day long. Do you like tomatoes?

The best colour in the world is blue. Do you like my outfit? I chose it myself, you know.

Like you’d expect from a super-hero, apart from my spectacularly impressive speed and agility (they say I’m quick as lightning, super zoomy, with the strike of a Viper – of course I agree with all that!) I have superpowers too. Have you noticed my crystal laser? Powerful strikes from my laser stop the biggest of foes, shattering them into pieces. I also have an unlimited source of smouldering goo. If you’re unlucky enough to receive a goo boulder over your bonce, you don’t stand a chance of scaring anyone ever again. But you don’t need to worry about that (unless you’re a baddie, of course!)

I gotta zoom. See you soon.